Welcome to Bravura House, our award-winning postgraduate student accommodation.

The Trust appointed architects Selencky Parsons to convert a large, detached dwelling into post-graduate student accommodation, complete with a rehearsal space in the rear garden.

Bravura House provides high quality postgraduate student accommodation for the Trust through the transformation of a detached Arts & Crafts house in the Mapesbury Conservation Area of North West London.

The plan contains seven large en-suite student rooms along with generous shared living areas. A mezzanine workspace sits above the dining area and maintains a visual connection to the kitchen via internal windows. The workspace gives students the option of working individually in their rooms, or collaboratively in this space.

The Rehearsal Room is a jewel-like pavilion incorporated into the rear garden of the house. Its unique form is a direct response to acoustic requirements, planning constraints and geometry of the existing house.

The asymmetric internal volume is ideal for the acoustic brief of minimising parallel internal surfaces. Clad in anodized bronze aluminium, this allows music students to practise their craft in a purpose-designed space within the comfort of 
their home.

Over the annual lunch we host with the music students, one common complaint about their accommodation, apart from its poor quality and expense, is that they are not allowed to sing or play their instrument in their room. It was thus a clear objective that this facility should be provided as well as creating a home for the students that went well beyond the often sterile and cramped conditions of typical student accommodation.

Richard Jenkins & Maureen Amar

We would like to express our profound thanks for our time thus far in Bravura House. Your generosity in allowing us to live here makes a significant difference to each of our lives.

Living here is hugely enjoyable, and beneficial in providing such an ideal and stress-free environment to make the most of our studies. We feel so grateful for this, especially at a time when many of our peers have found the rental market in London is so challenging.

Students at Bravura House