We can’t think of a better way to honour the memory of the dearly departed than to establish a continuing scholarship in their name.

Gwen Catley

Celebrated coloratura soprano, winner of the GSMD Gold Medal in 1937. Mother of our friend John Ford and Eileen Goddard’s singing teacher.
Guildhall School of Music and Drama
Opera singer - 2 year MA Opera Studies

Wolfgang Bruckner

Friend whose prodigious knowledge and love of classical music, opera and ballet led us to new levels of understanding and appreciation.
Guildhall School of Music and Drama
Répétiteur - 2 year Advanced Certificate Piano

Eileen Goddard

A good friend since the 1970s, Eileen was a Government statistician but moreover a wonderful amateur soprano - who possibly chose the wrong career.
National Opera Studio
Opera singer – 1 year

Emily Holmes

Richard’s maternal grandmother, of rural peasant stock who lived in harmony with her surroundings.
Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
Annual Award to be allocated to MSc and PhD students working at or for Kew

Essie Amar

Maureen’s mother, skilled and accomplished in a variety of needle and crochet work. Tone deaf but loved the opera and live theatre.
Guildhall School of Music and Drama
Actor – 3 year post graduate degree in acting

Don Thoburn

Master craftsman in all of the wet trades. A son of Cumbria who never lost touch with his roots; calm and gentle and respected and admired by all who knew him.
Alzheimers’ Research UK
Research – 3 year PhD or post-doctoral research project

Odette Maymon

A close yet distant cousin of Maureen whose life was a chronicle of the twentieth century. Aged 100, she was still having monthly injections in her eye to combat the effects of macular degeneration in order to be able to read until she died.
UCL Institute of Ophthalmology
Research – 3 year PhD or post-doctoral research project

Maurice Franses

Maureen’s uncle. A WWII far eastern veteran and civil engineer who in later life became a good friend of the structural engineer, Jane Wernick, daughter of Irving Wernick.
UCL Department of Civil Environmental & Geomatic Engineering
Research – 3 year PhD research project

Terence Morris

Professor of criminology and criminal justice at the LSE, husband of Maureen’s friend Penny from her student days in the 1960s.
UCL Institute of Neurology
Research – 3 year PhD or post-doctoral research project

Irving Wernick

From discovery as a teenage pavement artist in Washington Square to the Brooklyn High School of Music and Art, Cornell University, Florence and finally the Slade School of Art.
UCL Slade School of Art
Figurative Painter – 2 year MA in Fine Art

Wolfgang Spoerl

Conscripted whilst a teenager at art school into the German army, taken prisoner of war, first to the USA and then London, Wolf soon became an established and successful graphic designer whose iconic images survive to this day.
UCL Slade School of Art
Printmaker – 2nd year only for MA student

Michael James

After studying at the Bristol School of Architecture, Michael became a successful commercial architect with an interest in town planning. On retirement he took up oil painting, both portraiture and landscape.
UCL Bartlett Faculty of The Built Environment
Research – 3 year PhD research project